Dear Photographers,

I am writing to inform you that we use images from on our blog, which is a popular image resource that provides free licensed images for both personal and commercial use. We would like to express our gratitude to you and other talented photographers who generously donate their amazing photos to, including yourself.

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We appreciate your contribution to, and we are grateful for your generosity in allowing us to use your work on our blog. If you would like us to include ownership and information of your photo, we are happy to add it to our article in the following format:

Photographer: [Your Name]
Personal Page: [Your Page URL]
Please contact me at [Your Personal Number or email] if you need my Services.

Please inform us of the URL of our article via email to pic[at] with the email subject format “Happy Photographer”.

If, on the other hand, you object to our posting of your photo, please inform us of the URL of our article, and we will delete the photo accordingly.

Please send your objection via email to pic[at] with the email subject format “Photographer objection”.

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Thank you for your cooperation, and we wish you all the success in your photography journey.


Widyasastra, Founder