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Finding the Colourful Tradition and Historical past of Dhaka, Bangladesh

  • October 9, 2023
  • 5 min read
Finding the Colourful Tradition and Historical past of Dhaka, Bangladesh

Finding the Colourful Tradition and Historical past of Dhaka, Bangladesh

Situated within the middle of South Asia, Dhaka, the capital town of Bangladesh, is a melting pot of cultures and traditions. Despite the fact that it is likely one of the maximum densely populated towns on the planet, with over 21 million citizens, Dhaka is a colourful and bustling town this is lavish in historical past, tradition, and structure. For vacationers who want to discover Asian tradition and historical past, Dhaka is a must-visit vacation spot. On this article, we will be able to discover the colourful tradition and historical past of Dhaka and lend you with significance insights and guidelines on your upcoming travel.

The Historical past of Dhaka

Dhaka has a lavish and sophisticated historical past that spans over 400 years. Town was once based within the early seventeenth century via the Mughal emperor Jahangir, who made it his capital. Throughout the Mughal length, Dhaka was once an remarkable middle of industry, trade, and tradition. It was once additionally a hub of Islamic studying and scholarship, and plenty of well-known students and poets lived and labored within the town.

Throughout the British colonial length, Dhaka was an remarkable middle of industry and trade, and plenty of British traders and investors settled within the town. The British additionally established many instructional establishments in Dhaka, together with Dhaka College, which is now one of the prestigious universities in Bangladesh.

Next the partition of Republic of India in 1947, Dhaka was the capital of East Pakistan (now Bangladesh). In 1971, Bangladesh declared self determination from Pakistan, and Dhaka was the capital of the untouched nation.

The Tradition of Dhaka

The tradition of Dhaka is a novel mix of Bengali, Mughal, and British influences. Town is understood for its colourful song and dance traditions, in addition to its scrumptious delicacies.

Song and Dance

Dhaka has a lavish custom of song and dance, which displays town’s various cultural influences. Essentially the most frequent mode of song in Dhaka is Bengali public song, which is characterised via its vigorous rhythms and catchy melodies. Town could also be house to many classical musicians and dancers, who carry out at fairs and occasions during the date.


Dhaka is famend for its scrumptious delicacies, which is a mix of Bengali, Mughal, and British influences. One of the maximum frequent dishes in Dhaka come with biryani (a rice dish made with meat, greens, and spices), dal (a lentil-based soup), and fish curries. Town could also be well-known for its goodies, similar to rasgulla (a candy made out of cheese and syrup) and mishti doi (a sweetened yogurt).

Issues to See and Do in Dhaka

Dhaka is a colourful town that is stuffed with issues to look and do. Whether or not you have an interest in historical past, tradition, or delicacies, there’s something for everybody in Dhaka. Listed here are one of the lead issues to look and do within the town:

Seek advice from the Worn Town

The Worn Town is the historical middle of Dhaka, and it’s house to one of the town’s maximum remarkable landmarks and monuments. One of the must-see points of interest within the Worn Town come with the Lalbagh Citadel, which was once constructed within the seventeenth century via the Mughal emperor Aurangzeb, and the Ahsan Manzil, which was once the previous place of abode of the Nawab of Dhaka.

Discover the Nationwide Museum of Bangladesh

The Nationwide Museum of Bangladesh is a must-visit vacation spot for somebody within the historical past and tradition of the rustic. The museum homes a gigantic selection of artifacts and reveals, together with historic pottery, sculptures, and artwork. It additionally has a selection of uncommon manuscripts and books, which offer guests a glimpse into the rustic’s lavish literary heritage.

Pattern the Native Delicacies

Negative travel to Dhaka is whole with out sampling town’s scrumptious delicacies. Town is house to many eating places and boulevard meals distributors, the place you’ll effort a number of native dishes, similar to biryani, dal, and fish curries. Make sure you additionally pattern one of the town’s well-known goodies, similar to rasgulla and mishti doi.

Store within the Native Markets

Dhaka is a client’s paradise, with a number of markets and bazaars promoting the entirety from textiles and handicrafts to spices and souvenirs. One of the maximum frequent markets in Dhaka come with the Unused Marketplace, which is a admirable playground to shop for textiles and clothes, and the Dhaka Artwork Peak, which is a biennial artwork truthful that showcases the paintings of native and global artists.


Dhaka is a colourful and thrilling town that is stuffed with historical past, tradition, and personality. Whether or not you have an interest in exploring town’s historical landmarks, sampling its scrumptious delicacies, or immersing your self in its vigorous song and dance traditions, Dhaka has one thing for everybody. By way of visiting this distinctive and interesting town, you are going to achieve a deeper figuring out of the lavish and various tradition of South Asia, and form recollections that can ultimate an entire life.

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